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  1. I was planning on listening to this for a few minutes then catch up on another day. Well, an hour later, with a few belly laughs , some powerful serious reminders and I stand totally inspired and rejuvenated . The story about the plane is just amazing, especially when you reminded us to sit back down at the pilot seat, storms happen, but lives are depending on us. Fantastic Shawn. More of the same!
    Now back to work.

  2. That was amazing Shawn! Blow away. I remember being at the Boston garden (I believe) when the Kiev church was sent out! You are so inspiring. That wAs faith building. I love how you say at the end you will be In heaven with your family eating cinnabonsđź’– I too want to be with my precious daughter in the precence of Godđź’«

  3. Thank you so very much Shawn!!! I was not able to attend the conference. I was super excited to be able to download the lessons. I am studying the bible with my sisters at the Little Rock Church so I can be restored. Your message reminded me that with God nothing is impossible. God can soften my heart and help me overcome anything so that he can use me to win my family over to JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHY!

  4. Thank you Shawn very inspiring message…

    1. We watched this in person and my 11 yr old son turned to me half way through and asked: “Is this the comedian?” I said no, that’s after this. I asked him: Are you enjoying this? “Yes!” Was his reponse. Very encouraging and inspiring lesson taught through his life stories that captivated even the young in the audience.

  5. Incredibly inspiring message about fixing our eyes on Jesus and seeing the unseen! Shawn is an animated speaker who makes you laugh while making profound points!

  6. That was amazing!!! I’m so happy I can hear messages from the conference. I was only able to be at the conference Saturday and Sunday. Thank you Shawn for giving us a vision and spurring us on to Reach up and out.

    1. I am so grateful to be able to learn a d be I inspired. Thank you DTV for making this possible especially since we could not attend.

      1. AMEN to that!!!

  7. Thank you so much, Shawn! This was so awe-inspiring and convicting. There are just so many takeaways! The need to re-engage. That even on our worst days, God is in control and doing something amazing. And the vision of the future is just powerful. Thank you!

  8. I paid for the videos thought I could view on my tablet but only on phone. Not sure why it only works on phone….

    1. It worlds on my iPad.

  9. Thank you for this great message. I am really encouraged to share my faith more and to be obedient even when my faith it weak.

    1. Yes, I agree & I am so encouraged. I want to keep sharing all the time. Obedience is important.

  10. Totally inspiring- great kick off message. We all talked about that plane analogy all weekend.Never Give up.

  11. please increase the volume

  12. Amazing lesson!!! I couldn’t make it to Reach do to work and I felt really bummed out about it….now I feel so blessed to able to apart of it on this site!! Thank you so much! I have been going through some rough stuff lately and this lesson is so what God wanted me to hear….Reach up to God!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Awesome inspiring lesson. Thank you Shawn.

  14. It seems that I will not have access to watch this on my desktop (as I made this purchase on my laptop). there is no log in to continue watching this

    1. Go to the Help menu and click on Log In

  15. Mark is correct, unable to download in Chrome, Edge nor Firefox browser.

    1. We’re working to ensure that the livestream is great tonight and will look into this more tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

  16. Thanks, Bro, We need to fix our eyes on what is unseen,

  17. Great message, but in following the instructions to download the video, its making me save it as a webpage… Is there an option that you can make the .mp4, .flv, or whatever other option available? Also, where are the many other lessons available to download from past confernces because I have failed to find those?

    1. Appreciate the question. We currently have the main lessons from REACH available for download if you go to ‘Conferences’ and then the REACH 2016 conference page. Main lessons are listed for download on the ‘Download’ page. Other lessons will be available for download at a later date. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for the help… Didn’t answer my first question though. Is there a way to download just the video and not save it as a webpage so that I can view it even without an internet connection later?

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