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  1. Darren and Sharon you are truely inspiring! God is using you in a powerful way to preach the word! I have always appreciated your realness and openness about your own struggles and how God has brought you through challenges. To God be the glory! At the end of your sermon the mc/song leader made reference to you as a “boy” and changed his tone to seemingly mock that African Americans speak like that. I was offended for you and African Americans that witnessed this. That was disrespectful and hopefully was addressed so the brother can repent. This is the thing that goes undealt with in the church and gets swept under the rug- it’s hidden racism that God hates along with all other sins. We must not overlook this sin, to have true love in the church, racism has to be addressed, it’s hate, it causes clicks, division, socialism in the church. God help us all? May God deliver us to be the church of love He desires. All the best in Christ!

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  3. Thank you Darren and Sharon. The word of God living through our lives is most powerful testimony that it is living. Listening one year down the line, it feels so fresh and applicable to our Nairobi and Africa churches. GOD’S WAY IS THE BEST WAY. God bless.

  4. Thank you Darren and Sharon for being real and pointing us to God. I especially was inspired by Sharon’s reference to King Ahas who relied on the world for answers rather than on our amazing God. It’s so easy to do that as a parent when times are difficult and you want an answer quickly , because the pain is so bad. But the reality is the worldly answers can be like the hotdog analogy Darren made, they look good on the outside but you don’t know what is on the inside.
    Once again thanks for the insight, hope you guys can visit us in the UK church.

  5. Thank you.

  6. Darren, great to see you as an elder, rightly so leading our churches. Thank you for this message and for the work you and Sharon did years ago in directing Darik and me in our marriage. We wouldn’t be together today had I not held on to “God hates divorce”! I beg our father to restore our marriage. We have an amazing relationship. Thank you both so much.

    Thank you Sam. your messages are always jam packed with practical applications, examples from your life and tons of scriptures. You and Geri are an amazing example of loving God and living out his word. Thank you and Geri for loving the kingdom and us.

    Laurie Allen

  7. Wow! I need this. I am inspired to go after loving my wife and leading my family to bring honor to God. Amazing points.

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