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  1. Does anyone know the poet who comes on towards the end; during “How he loves me’? Or where I can find her stuff? Her work brings me to tears!

  2. Got to go to the first two days of the conference, but missed this–loved the panel discussion (especially with Linda Brumley!). Glad I get to experience the rest of it and share it with my women’s Bible Talk!

  3. WOW!!!!!! so grateful for DISCIPLES today TV. I was so sad that we were unable to attend the conference. I have been a disciple for 23 years, and have attended mostly every conference I could possibly attend. Even meeting my husband at a singles conference 13 years ago! I know the inspiration and life changing decisions , and the memories that are made by attending. Watching this womens class on my home computer in my library with the worship and messages, made me feel like i truly was able to share in an amazing thing that I missed out on! I will definitely be having a womens brunch and inviting women into my home to watch this and share Gods beautiful kingdom with anyone that I can!

  4. Awesome worship. Loved the idea of having a panel of women respond to the speakers. Feeling truly blessed after watching.

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