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  1. Hello there. Did Fridays class on “Relationships” for the Teen Guys track get recorded? Thank you

  2. I am looking for the campus class by the Loundsberry’s? Did the campus track get recorded?

  3. One speaker said she would make her notes and power point available. Where would I find that please? Thanks!

    1. If you go to the app and look up the speakers name..the notes are attached there. You have to look by speakers name and not by class. That was the only way I could find it.

  4. Hello, I’m looking for the Friday singles track class ‘creating intimacy with God. Was that recorded? thanks.

  5. Good evening- I’m looking for the class ‘creating intimacy with God’-from the singles track, Friday class. Was that recorded?



  6. I can’t find the ICMC Friday classes. When will those be available?

  7. Hi! Did Meegan Zillman’s class get recorded? I might be overlooking it.

  8. Hello! I am looking for the class from the singles track “women: creating intimacy with God”. Do you know if this will be put online? Thank you so much for working on all of this! People literally all over the world are so grateful!

    1. Some of the lessons unfortunately didn’t get recorded. This might have been one of them.

      1. Thank you so much for your help!!

      2. Jonathan,

        Thanks for posing the audio classes online. I noticed that I cannot pause the audio and resume easily, especially if there is a long pause. Listening on mobile devices is particularly difficult. For example, I want to listen to 1st 45 minutes and then the last half the next day. When I try to fast forward, it only let me skip the 1st 45 seconds. I access the page and then the page refreshes, loosing my place. Any suggestions? 🙂

        In past conferences, I was able to download as podcast. Didn’t know if this was an option.

        1. Your best bet is to download the specific audio file that you want to listen to and play it in something like iTunes. Apple has a bit of a larger budget than we do and can make audio players that aren’t as lame.

          1. How do you download it?

  9. We have some lessons that were not originally loaded in the first batch that are now uploaded. They are at the end of the playlist. Enjoy!

    1. Hi! I still see you have some lessons that are not yet still uploaded (like the Malcoms’ ICMC lesson on finding your future spouse, and the other ICMC lesson on the modern incarnation of women’s roles). Will those be uploaded as well soon?

  10. Are any of the classes from the Administration track available?

    1. Don’t think those got recorded. I did a class for that track and don’t see it either.

  11. where did the general sessions go? they are all gone 🙁

    1. All the lessons can be found from the REACH Schedule menu link above.

  12. I’m looking for the class on women’s roles by Meegan – was it recorded?

  13. Searching for – Navigating Roles and Duties: Board Members, Lead Evangelists, and Administrators

    Has this session been recorded? On Friday July 8 – Start Time: 9:00 AM | End Time: 10:00 AM | Room: Embassy Suites – Laurel Room | Administration: Carlton Brooks, Brian Gross, Paul Ramsey

    Pl. let me know.


  14. Will the ILC class: “These men are not drunk as you suppose- Radical Ideas that are working” be available? Thank you!

    1. I just looked and it’s in the list of Friday’s classes. If you use Ctrl + F (Find) you can search for a key word like “radical” –

  15. There was an ICMC class called “How to think about finding a future husband or wife” by Jamison and Lauren Malcolm. Did that class get recorded?

  16. I’m having a hard time fast forwarding or rewinding a lesson. Is there a way to do that??

    1. How do you rewind and fast forward?

      1. Your best bet is to pick the track you want and download it to your device and open on a player like iTunes. Our player is designed to allow you to listen and download the tracks. Other local players like iTunes are much better.

  17. AT and Marci Arneson did a great married class on Friday called “Reaching Together”. Is the audio for this class not available?

    1. Sorry, they specifically asked that it not be recorded.

  18. I heard from my friends who attended the conference REACH about a lesson on Marriage/family by Sam Lang, But I could’t find the same here for us to listen.
    Can you please upload the lesson

    1. check the Thursday log. It should be there. It was the opening session for the Marrieds

  19. I attended the “Creating Intimacy with God” lesson and wanted to download for the women in my house church who were not able to attend. Will that class be added to the list? Thanks

  20. Thanks for All the Effort

  21. Can I get the website that they said at the end of the class please, I want their notes. Thank you!

  22. D TV. Do you have spanish clases. Please i would like listend it thanks for your hard work. Gracias por el grandioso trabajo para Reach. La gloria a Dios….

    1. Spanish classes are now up. Enjoy!

  23. Are the ICMC classes still being processed?

  24. The Lesson “Finding Your Soul Mate” is actually “Finding Your Sole Mate”. So fired up for all these recordings! Thanks!

  25. Hello,
    Thanks for uploading!!!! I can’t get them to play on my iPhone. 🙁

  26. I was looking for the “like… Um… How to like speak publicly”, was that class not recorded?? Thanks for all you do.

    1. We still have a couple of classes that were not labeled properly when recorded. These are being processed and should be uploaded shortly. Thanks for the patience.

      1. Thank you for your hard work!

    2. Hey there! This class is called “Handling the Word of God as a Woman of God”. It was taught on Friday by Barbara Marbury and Sherie Gayle

    3. Chris’ message is now up. Enjoy!

    4. I just looked and it’s in the list of Friday’s classes. If you use Ctrl + F (Find) you can search for a key word like “radical” –

  27. I was looking for the class on The “iFamily”. Did it not get recorded?

    1. Me too. Where can we find iFamily, anyone?

    2. I’d like this one too…any word on this one?

      1. I’m looking for ifamily class too….

          1. Thank you!

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