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  1. No singles?

  2. hello,
    time bar is not working properly.only shows up to a minute plus. not able to navigate forward or backwards from that point. any suggestions?

  3. I have listened to Jeff W’s message at least 5 times. Thank you for seeking unity.
    We all need more real love.

  4. I was wondering if the singles leadership workshop on Thursday was recorded and uploaded? Of not, will it be uploaded?

  5. Thank you! Thank you for all the audio files.
    I’m loving it.

  6. I figured out that the type of browser in use determines how well the sermons are scrollable. There are problems when using Chrome…surprisingly. However, I found that I did not have the same problem when using Explorer.

  7. Thanks for these audio recordings! It’s been great to listen to the classes I wasn’t able to attend.

  8. Would love to see some spanish track audio

    1. Spanish tracks are on Friday’s playlist.

  9. Hi! Where did the Thursday General Session (Sean Wooten) go?

    1. Go to ‘REACH Schedule’ in the top menu

  10. When will the Spanish track be posted?

  11. I’m looking for the lessons from the singles leadership class on Thursday. Thanks!

  12. I don’t see any of the classes from the Spanish track

  13. There appears to be a problem with audio recordings that are over an hour long. The bar that displays where you are in the recording isn’t functioning correctly. If a recording is x hours and y minutes long, the progress bar only shows x minutes and y seconds (For example, the ‘Save yourself from this corrupt…’ Friday class is 1:05:30 long, but only displays progress for 1 minute and 5 seconds). This makes it impossible to navigate in the recording. Please fix this. Thanks!

    1. We increased the width of the time bar. Thanks for the feedback. In the future, please send any requests to [email protected]. This allows us to respond in a more timely fashion.

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