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  1. Dear Frank, you set an example worth pursuing, thank you!

  2. Frank Kim, thank you for your lesson. It’s so inspiring, challenging and at the same time motivating. Your zeal and your love for God is infectious. I am praying right now to have the same conviction and love for God as you have. Thanks again for a great lesson.

  3. I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Kim. Your message really inspired me at REACH.. So much so that I cannot stop sharing about it. This year’s conference was my first. What started as an overwhelming experience (17,000 ppl) changed (perspective) once I heard your message. One thing I cannot get out of my head is when you mentioned Richard Rogers and what he said. Such impacting words. Thank you sharing! Thank you for your many years of travel and service (Mission work) to proclaim/teach others the gospel of Jesus Christ. I turned 2 years old (spiritually speaking) the week of the conference and I’m excited to see more of what God has planned for my life. May God continue to use you, sir. God bless!

    -Zakia B
    (Gpcc/South Jersey Region)

  4. Thank you!

    I am excited for the Denver church and of their plan to implement “generational mission” thru their plan of “Cradle to Campus”. God Bless and i will pray for you. I will also pray for my own church in Toronto for God to bless our children. God is doing amazingly in the lives of our young people and He will continue to do so.

    My husband and I did not have the privilege of having children, but we both support the mission of “generational mission”, and are praying to be of help in any way we can.

    At the moment, I am thinking, I want to move to Denver. (-;

  5. 설교 올려주셔서 감사합니다. 생활속에서 열심히 듣겠습니다.

  6. Love this!! thanks so much for letting us all be a part of these great few days for the church.Thanks for letting us view the lessons and the singing which is also a vital part of giving praise to our Heavenly Father….thanks to Hans and the crew…we appreciate your hard work in working for the Lord and His kingdom…

  7. Super inspiring to hear God’s heart regarding our children. Frank, God used you in a powerful way. I am deeply moved and convicted. Can’t wait to see how God will work!

  8. Fantastic message from one of my all-time spiritual heroes Frank Kim about passing on our faith to our children. Thank you for helping to show God’s heart for our children, and our children’s children!

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