Church viewership:

(Only for Church groups, not necessary if you are watching with less than 5 people)

  • Main sessions from the REACH conference will be available here for download; generally 24 hours after they air live.
  • Please feel free to show to your church by downloading the video and playing from a computer connected to a projector and speakers.
  • No internet connection is necessary at church if you play from the saved video file from a computer.
  • We have costs associated with this service and ask for a donation based on the approximate amount of people you will have watching at one time. The recommendations are:

5 ~ 25 people: $25 donation
25 ~ 150 people: $100 donation
Over 150 people: $150 donation

Thanks for your support in helping us provide this great service around the world:



All of our REACH2016 videos are now available  for download here

*please contact [email protected] with any problems