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  1. How do we download the videos? It’s just vimeo links embedded in this website, with no download option or ability. I though we would be able to download the videos?

  2. I know this website run by all devoted disciples. Thank you so much for your support and love for others. It’s very helpful to refresh my spirit and set my vision back to God. God bless!

  3. I am like a kid in a candy store, I can’t get enough of all this lessons. Looking forward for the other lessons. Thank you gateway city church. You hard work is not in vain

  4. thankyou for frank Kim 프랭크킴 감사합니다.^^ Do I Still Beliebe!!

  5. Thai you so much for making these available. Would the Worship leaders please list the songs from each session and could we hear the song written for the conference? I believe it’s called Within Reach?! Thank you again, there are hours and hours of lessons I am going to thoroughly enjoy and I was there!

  6. Appreciate hearing the lessons from afar. It was just what my faith needed. Thank you for your effort and diligence to make them available. It’s building faith. Palo Alto, CA.

  7. This is so fabulous. Thank you ALL for working so hard to deliver this right to our door steps! I’m so encouraged to be able to revisit all of these amazing lessons and hear the ones I didn’t make it to. HOPING that the congregational song services will be posted. I heard rumor that they are, but can’t find them! The singing was SO encouraging.

  8. I am so grateful to have this tool. I was not able to manage traveling to the conference. Wow! The internet bringing all the comforts of excellence! It is like getting take out…I cook allll of the time,it is TIME- consuming. Althought I am grateful for the food, nutrition, etc. still it takes TIME. It is such a joy to have these messages made ready, along with all that Disciples Today does. Thank God for all of the administrators and diligent servants of OUR God who bring the distant near!! Glory be to God.

    1. Appreciate the kind post. There are a number of servant who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen. While we can and should always try to improve this service, it’s nice to know that it is having an impact in some small way in spreading the glory of God.

  9. It does not appear that all of the Reach 2016 Videos are available to download as are the main evening sessions. Can you please provide guidance on where they can be found to download?

    1. You are correct, not all of the videos are available currently for download. As we finish loading the last bits of content from REACH we will turn our attention to making the site easier to navigate and find lessons and making more of the videos available for download.

  10. The videos I’ve watched so far are so inspiring and convicting (Frank Kim, Sam Powell, and Doug Arthur), but the women’s program should be mandatory viewing for all sisters! Between the

    panel discussion format, Suzette’s and Robin’s individual messages, and the spoken word (Bernadette Speakes) during one of the songs I am tearful, renewed, and eager to persevere and

    grow! My takeaways: Neural pathways can change, so you’ve got to be deliberate about where you’re going to let your wounds take you! Also, you have to reconcile your differences (even

    in God’s church) and manage whatever conflicts (I’m particularly interested in conflict resolution tools) come up while keeping your gaze on God. See yourself through His eyes! Lastly, God

    wants to “dance” with us. Let him lead and let the only “song” you step to be Him! Those last words came from the spoken word, which was spoken so powerfully it left me in a pool of tears!

    Watch the whole thing, ladies! That’s my two cents.

  11. Very grateful to God and the great Gateway Church for hosting REACH 2016. Excellent conference! Worship was awesome. Fellowship great. Teaching helpful and forward-looking. So grateful for all presenters, speakers, teachers, musicians, etc.

  12. Thank God for technology! Now we can share with our neighbors and family members that wanted to go to REACH but couldn’t. Amen

  13. I like that I am now able to really focus on each lesson. I am truly grateful for all the hard work that goes into planning and helping to spread the good news worldwide. Thanks and God bless!

  14. I wasn’t able to make it to reach. 🙁 I’m so grateful that this is available! I’m getting fired up! A few days later than everybody else but I’m getting fired up with these amazing lessons! Thank you so much for providing this for us!

    1. 🙂

  15. I wasn’t able to make it to reach. 🙁 I’m so grateful that this is available! I’m getting fired up! A few days later than everybody else but I’m getting fired up woth these amazing lessons! Thank you so much for providing this for us!

  16. I am grateful and feel His love. To Him who can do more than we can imagine… Amazing love. Thanks DTV!

  17. A big THANK YOU to all of you at DTodayTV and REACH who’ve put in countless hours before, during, and after the conference to make all of this available to us, and for such a small price. May God bless you as you have blessed all of us with this labor of and in love.

    1. Thanks!

  18. God bless you, Sam Powell!

    We need to raise up more brothers with your humility, conviction and fire! Truly this brought tears to my eyes as your words –your fire– rekindled the word in the depths of my heart. The word burns in my heart, and I hope it will burn in the hearts of our children so that Satan’s half-truths and wicked schemes will be exposed.

    Speaking of exposure, so grateful you exposed the false doctrines of those who profess to be Christ’s followers. Reminds me of: “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth…” (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

    Thank you for not keeping silent. Thank you for preaching the word with all authority and confidence. May God continue to give you life and breath and the Spirit’s fire. With all respect and love…

  19. Thank You for this opportunity! Wish I could have been there…but this is the next best thing! Is it possible to hear Shawn Wooten’s message too? My Mother was from Ukraine!

    🙂 Tanya

    1. Hi! Shawn Wooten’s message is the Thursday night general session (4th or 5th video)


  21. How enlightened I feel after listening to Sam Powell’s
    message. On Hearts that Burn for God
    God knows how to convict us and inspire us simultaneously!
    God brought us to REACH to restore our faith in Him and his word and rebuild our far reaching spirituall relationships with one another !
    Thanks to all who took time to have breakfasts, lunch or dinner with us!

  22. Thank you Gateway Church & all who were involved in REACH! Everything was amazing!!! I have conference brain overload, but in a good way! Woo hoo!😆😲😨😍😆

  23. Thanks guys. Are they giong to have the individual classes posted as well?

  24. I’m ready to take my walk with God to a higher level. Thank You, Jesus, for being our Source! And thank You for the various resources You’ve provided, such as these audios and videos. May all who are a part of the DTV family be blessed in what they hear/see!

  25. Wow….

  26. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to watch this great conference online. For those who have problems with their volume., you need to increase the volume on the audio set-up in the video ;I did it and it worked.

    1. Thank you brother!

  27. Yes, the Word of God is exceptionally strong and life changing and that helps us all!

  28. God Bless you All!! From the leaders to the coordinators and everyone on the side, behind the scenes!! Volunteers, singers and all the hotels, stadium, metro transportation, business’ USD Production incredible!! Now we have a scematic form to go with for next conference:) Love the App too:)
    God bless all the speakers their families n guest. Keep on prayin for Gods will to prevail in and through each of our lives n to be establish here on earth in ALL Nations.:))Pray for safe travels. Love you all

  29. Did not realize Upside Down would be a pay per view viewing for Friday night only. Will there be opportunity to download or view it at another time? The other downloads have been incredible!

    1. Bummer

    2. UpSide Down is a production that is completely separate from the REACH conference and other ICOC Delegate sponsored conferences. They are offering the show in faith that they will be able to recoup the considerable costs that went into the production. As a result, they need to host their livestream on a different platform where donations help to offset their costs. Sorry we cant include it here.

      1. Please let us know where…people said it was amazing! My friend and the man next to her were so inspired that they cried.

        Thank you Upside Down producers and performers! Most people do not realize that you missed most of the Reach conference to SERVE in the daily Upside Down shows.

        You REACHED many hearts!!!

  30. I’m at 100% on my volume setting and I can barely hear. Is this on my end or your side.

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Mary. Penn, I had the same problem but once I put head phones on it was really loud…Weird 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the sessions!!

      1. I put in head phones too and worked really good!!!

      2. I downloaded this video to watch in a small house church and I can’t hear it? it’s frustration. I shouldn’t have to put headphones on…

    2. Did you try putting the volume up on the actual video? I had the same thing going on today and then I realized the volume was low on the video, hope that helps.

    3. i have the same issue…

    4. I’m having the same problem listening on my iPad…help pls

  31. Are the smaller classes up? Can’t seem to find them…?

  32. Thank you for recording these videos!!! much appreciated ^^

  33. Very grateful to be able to listen live and not miss out on the lessons!

  34. Oh my goodness, this is so awesome!!!! I am not tech savvy at all and figured this out. So easy. BIG thank you!!

  35. Thank you guys SO much for providing this service for the Saints. You are all AMAZING!

  36. It’s been really awesome watching from home. God is awesome

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